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ACE Region Europe is proud to present the VIKING TOUR 2023, a full week, all-organized coaster trip in Denmark and Sweden. We have planned a great schedule so that this will be an experience like never before.


Here’s the day-by-day overview of the trip:

24-Jun   Sat     Driving to Denmark!
– Pick up at Amsterdam Airport (Bus leaves at 8am) and Hengelo (free parking!)
 – We stay at a hotel near Billund, Denmark

25-Jun   Sun       Legoland Billund (ERT on Polar-X-Express) and evening visit to Tivoli Friheden
– We stay at a hotel at Aarhus, Denmark

26-Jun   Mon     Djurs Sommerland (ERT on Piraten and Juvelen)
– We stay at a hotel in Aalburg, Denmark

27-Jun   Tue       Fårup Sommerland (ERT on  Fønix)  
– In the evening we take the ferry to Gothenburg, Sweden
– We stay for two nights in a new hotel in Liseberg, “Liseberg Grand Curiosa”  

28-Jun   Wed      Liseberg (morning ERT on Balder, dinner and night ERT on Helix)
– Second night in Liseberg Grand Curiosa 

29-Jun   Thu       Tosselilla Sommarland (lunch and ride takeover in Forza) plus Bakken in Danmark
– We stay for three nights at the Tivoli Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark

30-Jun   Fri         Tivoli (backstage tour and ERT on Rutschebanen)
– Second night at the Tivoli Hotel

01-Jul    Sat        BonBon-Land  (ERT on two coasters in the morning) plus Sommerland Sjaelland             
– Last night at the Tivoli Hotel

02-Jul    Sun        Driving back to Amsterdam Airport (Arriving in the evening) with a stop at Hengelo
All transportation is done via coach. We have an option on a double-decker (90 passengers) or regular coach (60 passengers).        


Some remarks:

1. We can only handle 90 passengers on the trip! If we reach 90, FULL is FULL!

 (We reached the minimum of 20, so the trip will take place!)

2. We have booked 38 double rooms and 16 single rooms. For 90p +2 (bus driver) in Billund,  Aarhus, Aalborg, Liseberg (new hotel!) and Copenhagen!

3. If you want to start the trip in Billund on Saturday or end the trip in Copenhagen, you can, but the price will not change. Please inform Jo Pools at

4. Pricing will be as follows:

– Participants pay a down payment of 500€ (all payments need to be in Euros). Down payment received means also that you’re confirmed on the trip and will receive a confirmation.
– The rest of the payment needs to be made three months before the trip (mid March 2023).


The remaining payment depends on the number of people on the trip.


  • 41-50 people on the trip

Single room :  2518.92€ pp

Double room : 1759.15€ pp

  • 51-60 people on the trip

Single room: 2483.66€ pp

Double room: 1723.89€ pp

  • 61 – 70 people on the trip

Single room: 2512.55€ pp

Double room: 1752.79€ pp

  • 71 – 80 people on the trip

Single room: 2474.24€ pp

Double room: 1714.48€ pp

  • 81 – 90 people on the trip

Single Room: 2444.95€ pp

Double Room: 1686.24€ pp


The difference in price is because we divided the transport costs among more people. We have an option on two busses, a double-decker coache (90p) or a regular coach (62p).


64  Participants

10 Single rooms still available

14 Double rooms still available


Does the price include park entrance tickets?

Yes, all entrance tickets to the parks we visit during the trip are included

Why does the trip start in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an airport hub, so it’s easy for everybody to get there. Which makes it easy for members from the USA as for members from Europe

Do we have to wear a mask against Covid 19?

 At this point, there are no longer covid-19 restrictions in Denmark or Sweden… So a mask isn’t mandatory, but we monitor it on a weekly basis and if change we let you know.

What if I need to cancel my participation on this trip?
If you cancel before the 22nd of february you get a full refund from us.  After that date, there is nothing we can do about this because we have to confirm the rooms and transportation. 

See you there